develops software that lasts :
efficient, scalable, robust and maintainable.

About Us

Lambdacube is:

  • a consulting company that can help you with your projects;
  • a small software publisher that develops its own components and services.

Today, Lambdacube is specialised in:

  • distributed systems architecture (from REST microservices to clustering), Cloud computing (virtualisation solutions, elastic deployment, ...), Big data processing (Spark/Hadoop, NoSQL databases, custom solutions) and machine learning;
  • design, model-driven engineering, languages and functional programming.

Lambdacube was founded by Simon Chemouil (profile Simon Chemouil on LinkedIn).



Lambdacube helps you succeed in your projects: modularity, functional programming, model-driven engineering, performance, scalability, Big Data, Cloud computing, Free / Open Source Software...

Expertise & development

Our technical expertise ranges from Internet & Web technologies to the whole Java ecosystem: Java 8, Scala, Clojure, OSGi, Android, Maven, as well as algorithm design to create robust systems.

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